Auto Body Dent Repair

  • Stay Local Dent Co. does not give out written estimates to customers who are not willing to sign an agreement of repair form. However, we are willing to give a verbal estimate until the customer decides to sign the agreement of repair form.
  • Stay Local Dent Co. uses subcontractors to do the auto repair and are entitled to use the shop of their choice depending on the customer needs and Stay Local Dent Co.’s suggestions and/or timeframe.

Mobile Dent Repair

  • All mobile repairs, estimates, or inspections are required to pay a $75 dollar service charge for the time it takes us to pack our tools, transport to your location, and for our services at your location. This $75 dollar fee will be applied to your vehicle in the event that you do decide to get the repair done with our company.
  • In the event that a customer decides to not get the repair done with our company, the $75 fee will still be charged.
  • If a customer needs time to decide if they do in fact want the repair done on another date or if the technician explains to the customer that the vehicle will need to be repaired at our facility, then the $75 fee will be charged on the date of the inspection/estimate and will be applied to the bill when the vehicle is done at our repair facility or at the later date agreed upon by the customer and the technician.
  • In the event, the technician arrives at the customer location and the dent is not able to be fixed with the paintless dent repair process the $75 fee will still be charged.
  • The customer has the opportunity to show the vehicle damage to a tech associated with Stay Local Dent Co. LLC via Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Duo, pictures sent to the tech's phone number, or the email associated with Stay Local dent Co. free of charge.
  • The estimate given via virtual devices is not always accurate. All estimates given by said tech associated with Stay Local Dent Company LLC to the customer are subject to change when the vehicle is seen in person by a tech associated with Stay Local Dent Co.
Stay Local Dent Company LLC

Booking an Appointment

  • We require your credit card information when booking an appointment. We take your credit card information to secure your spot. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee. 

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